'Space and time are themselves socialized and localized through complex and deliberate practices of performance, representation and action (...) Locality is ephemeral unless hard and regular work is undertaken to produce and maintain its materiality. Yet this materiality is sometimes mistaken for the terminus of such work, thus obscuring the more abstract effects of this work on the production of locality as a structure of feeling'.
Arjun Appardurai
'Modernity at Large'
University of Minessota Press, 1996.
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"In modern society the relation between mobility and a sense of place can be very complicated (...) 'Modern man' is so mobile that he has not the time to establish roots; his experience and appreciation of place is superficial. This is the conventional wisdom. Abstract knowledge about a place can be acquired in short order if one is diligent. The visual quality of an environment is quickly tallied if one has the artist's eye. But the 'feel' of a place takes longer to acquire. It is made up of experiences, mostly fleeting and undramatic, repeated day after day and over the span of years."

Yi-Fu Tuan
'Space and Place. The perspective of experience'
University of Minnesota Press 1977 
'By Itself art can not remake the world, that was the utopian dream of much of early modernism, but history has rudely awakened us and ensures that the imagination must now function in a state of alert insomnia, it can articulate things in a way that allows us to address the contradictions we live out with greater clarity and understanding'

Robert Storr
Art Forum June 2008